Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Travel Portal Software Development with API Integration Delhi Noida India

The internet is used for purposes more than one. People now use it for planning their trips and tours as well. So, if you are associated with the travel and tourism industry a trip adviser, Travel Company, tourism development organization, resort, travel agency, etc., you need to have a travel portal software with API Integration. API Integrated Travel portals help people in booking cars, flights, hotels, etc., and planning their trip. If you are already a part of the travel and tourism business, you must remember that there is a huge number of companies and people just like you associated with it too. Therefore, in order to run your business successfully and get an edge over your competitors you need to make your services more efficient and one of these will be an organized and up-to-date travel portal.
To develop a proper, organized travel portal, it is best to get professional help. If you are doing it on your own, here are a few points which must be kept in mind:
  • The home page is one which will make or mar your business. It needs to be appealing, have all the necessary information yet not be very crowded and confusing. The best pictures and themes should be allotted to the home page.
  • Next comes the detailing. If there are tour packages, they should be highlighted and mentioned separately. Details of the different packages should be provided in different pages.
  • Online bookings must be allowed. This will include booking flights, cars, or other modes of transportation as well hotels and lodges. This would make trips more hassle free.
  • Adequate search options allowing users to look up whatever information they need would give a more satisfying experience to anyone.
  • Additional information such as weather forecast, currency conversion, etc., will also be helpful. Further, one can also help users by keeping a separate category of destinations according to the ideal seasons to visit them.
  • Real-time interactions with customers by keeping Customer relationship Management (CRM) modules within the travel applications using chat or e-mail gives a satisfactory experience to users.
  • One can include CMS or Content Management Systems for better maintenance and easy editing and control of the travel portal by the staff members.
Above all, a travel portal must remain updated. It must have adequate photographs to make it more attractive and giving users an idea of the places they wish to visit. Since social networking is proving to be a great place for advertising, you can keep options for logging in using their social networking ids and create pages on these sites for publicity.

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